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Wholesale Jerseys Cheapest.Maybe, the NFL has the same problem: It wasn’t real interest in the league that boosted ratings, but rather a growing affinity for fantasy games. We’ve always thought of fantasy football as an outgrowth of the NFL’s popularity. But quite possibly, the opposite happened: The NFL rode the coattails of fantasy sports.The problem for the NFL is, fantasy sports players don’t have to watch football. They’re more loyal to their fantasy teams than they are to any real team. And their primary interest isn’t who won, but only who scored.So why bother with a four-hour broadcast filled with long commercial breaks, complicated rules and an ungodly number of holding penalties when you can just find the fantasy numbers on your phone?I ran my theory past John Fortunado, a Fordham University professor who back in 2011 wrote a research paper about the relationship between fantasy football and NFL ratings.Cheap China Jerseys.He found evidence that games featuring players most commonly used on fantasy teams tended to have higher ratings than those with fewer. That suggests fantasy football was boosting viewership.But five years later, he wonders if fantasy football gave the NFL a short-term ratings jolt at the expense of building long-term fan loyalty.”I do think the fantasy fan watches differently,” he says. “It’s not the same passion. The passion isn’t the same as a Jets or a Bears fan who’s watching every play. They don’t care to watch the Jets and Bears. All they care about is if Andrew Luck is scoring. And now, they don’t need to actually watch the games to see how he’s doing. They can just check on their phones.”Wholesale NFL Jerseys.



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