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China Jerseys.Thank goodness the Seattle Seahawks teach tacklers to lead with their shoulder, or else Matt Moore may have really gotten hurt Sunday afternoon.It’s a good thing scientists at the University of Tennessee are working on absorbent artificial turf, or else the Miami Dolphins quarterback might have been playing a dangerous sport when a projectile named Bud Dupree flattened him, the crown of helmet square on Moore’s chinstrap.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.And luckily for Moore, technology on National Football League sidelines allows medical spotters to stop games and review hard collisions immediately, or else Moore might have played with a concussion in a playoff game.Now, aren’t all of those statement pleasant fictions? They are brought to you by the NFL, in an ad campaign with the tagline “The future of football.” It intends to prove the sport is becoming safer, aimed at fans queasy about the damage done to performers and at nervous parents considering whether their sons should play football.The way to make football safe is to not play. Anyone who watched Dupree slam into Moore could tell you that. It looked like a Mini Cooper running a man over. Those hits are not as insidious, and maybe not as dangerous, as the sub-concussive blows linemen deliver one another play after play. But they offer the NFL an easy chance to prove it prioritizes the health of its players, and that it can take at least some precautions in the most obvious cases.Discount Jerseys.


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